Dr. Hudnall presented to my all our district wide certified and classified employees. It was one hour long and no one wanted to leave. I was so impressed with the way he taught on such a difficult topic like suicide prevention. I heard many comments afterwards about how much they enjoyed his presentation. Just Wonderful – 

Superintendent, Idaho

Our school district is out in the middle of Wyoming. We have unfortunately lost some adults and students to suicide. We struggled with trying to find the right person to come and educate our school staff. When we heard about the work that Dr. Hudnall was doing in Utah, we knew we needed his help. He trained our school staff and half-way through his presentation he stopped and asked the 85 members in the audience, “I need to know that you folks are committed to the change I am asking you to be part of. I want to see by the raise of hands how many of you are on board? (He then waited and everyone in the audience raised their hands in support of changing the school culture around mental illness stigma). It was amazing to see everyone raise their hands in support.

It was so powerful that we have now added schools aand have had Dr. Hudnall return. He is very well respected by our educators as a fellow educator who understands suicide prevention.

District Director, Wyoming

Dr. Hudnall is a champion of helping his fellow educators learn not only about warning signs and risk factors with suicide. He is also an expert in teaching how to interact with a struggling student by example. He shows how to interact and what to say and not say to s struggling child. His personal examples from being a high school principal and associate superintendent help the educators to realize he knows his stuff. My staff were very complimentary about such a difficult topic. We will have him back!

Ohio, Principal